Alex Wharton

Alex Wharton

Alex Wharton Alex Wharton Alex Wharton

Poet - Writer - Performer - Creator

Alex Wharton

Alex Wharton

Alex Wharton Alex Wharton Alex Wharton

Poet - Writer - Performer - Creator


Alex Wharton is a writer and performer of poetry for both adults and children. published in The Caterpillar, Hedgerow, Wales haiku Journal, I am not a silent Poet  and The reading Realm, (itunes educational App) He has facilitated workshops for adults and he regularly visits primary schools to perform and create poems.

Some News and Stuff


Rising Stars Wales Award winner 2020

Hey! I recently won an award which means I am an award winner, a winner of an award, I won the award that was eligible for winning, I won the.... you get the point!  You can find out more about the award by following the link below - Other winners were Taylor Edmonds and Sadia Pineda Hameed 


Daydreams and Jellybeans to be published with 'firefly Press'


Anyway - another Fantastic thing, My book Daydreams and Jellybeans is going to be published in spring 2021 with firefly press! I am super excited about this and I can't wait for more people to enjoy my poems!  you can find more about the book publication  if you click the link below.  



 There's a Jellybean 

stranded at the top of the stairs,

Its blue beany body

is covered in hairs,

and it's bean there for days,

just gathering dust,

and people walk by

with a look of disgust,

so I pick the bean up

and walk to the bin,

but I change my mind 

before I throw it in,

you see, the bin was full -

and I do hate to waste,

so I chewed the bean up

and what a wonderful taste!

Jellybean - Taken from Daydreams and Jellybeans 


Night Music

I saw sounds at night

altering the shapes of trees

tickling shadows

dancing on an owl's tongue,

I saw sounds skipping 

from door to door,

rattling the letterbox,

slipping into dreams,

I saw a gentle drumbeat 

chase a prancing fox,

amongst a tiny applause

of closing flowers.


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